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Deft Studio was proud to work directly with HITN – a Spanish-language network that offers educational and entertainment programming to more than 44 million homes around the United States. “Activate con Vida y Salud” was the beginning of a series of events nationwide to promote well-being in Latino communities.

We designed collateral handout, t-shirts, stress-balls, hand-fans and many more.

"Actívate con Vida y Salud" was the start of a series of events nationwide to promote Latino community wellness.


The community of Pico Rivera met yesterday in Pico Park, southeast of Los Angeles, to learn about good habits for health.

In one of the 20 informative stations of the festival “Actívate con Vida y Salud”, were Arturo Pérez and his daughter Samantha, of 8 years, who were distracted with the jenga – a game with wooden blocks that develops the mental ability of the contestant .

Perez points out that these events are good for parents, like him, since they contribute to giving an example of good health to the little ones.

“It is more beneficial for children especially in these times that they spend a lot with technology,” he said and applauded the work to promote physical activity in the park.

At the adjacent station was Marlene Salazar who collected leaflets with information about the benefits of healthy eating. “This is good because you learn more [of food] to stay healthy.”

The main objective is to motivate and educate Latinos who are often unaware of healthy habits.

Let's Move!

Type 2 diabetes is the most common among Hispanics and is the fifth leading cause of death among this group.

There are currently just over two million diabetics in California and is expected to increase to four million by 2020, according to the National Library of Medicine.

“These figures show how necessary it is to have a good exercise routine,” explains yoga instructor Patti Quintero.

“Exercising like yoga teaches adults to have a physical well-being so that we as parents will teach the children,” said the instructor.

He added that although some people see it as a game it is also an exercise.

“It’s like weights because you use your whole body, you work the back, arms and legs,” explains the instructor.

The event offered entertaining activities such as zumba sessions, food demonstrations, activities for children and others.

Pico Park was chosen for the program’s inauguration for being part of “Let’s Move”, a health initiative initiated by former lady Michelle Obama.


Official news coverage by Los Angeles’ La Opinion